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How can you support Boneyard Soup Magazine?

At Boneyard Soup Magazine, we believe in the fair compensation of our contributors and in delivering a quality product to our subscribers. But that's only possible with the continued support of people like you. Magazines do not exist independent of their readers. They rely on them. They need them. In fact, a publication's readership is what defines it. And we thank you for your interest in our little publication.

Below are a few ways you can show your support for this up-and-coming horror magazine:


Our Kickstarter was successful! We are so grateful to everyone who backed us and are so excited to deliver on our promise of high quality horror fiction and artwork!


Consider supporting us on Patreon. There are a few rewards available for those readers who want to go above and beyond and see Boneyard Soup thrive. Among other things, Patreon supporters will be personally thanked in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Check out our Patreon page for more rewards.


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Through the Subscribe tab up on top, you can directly purchase a year's subscription to the magazine. However, if you have already backed our Kickstarter at the $12 level, you already have a year's subscription. 


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