Read "A Cold Grip" by Christi Nogle

Originally published in the January 2021 issue of Boneyard Soup, "A Cold Grip" by Christi Nogle has been nominated for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Award for Best Short Fiction.

October 28, 1925

Andrew readied for sleep in the front room of Vivian’s grandmother’s cabin. There would be no love tonight, but that was all right. He’d washed up as best he could but still felt grimy from the road and shaken by the long day’s drive. His hands, always so tightly gripped on the wheel, felt old and cramped. He needed rest. 


Vivian returned from visiting in her grandmother’s room, her pale silk pajamas and her elegant self lit by the oil lamp she carried. Everything about her was out of place against the room’s austere and rustic furnishings.